2.1.2 Hockey Tracker

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2.1.2 hockey tracker2.jpg
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2.1.2 Hockey Tracker


Second Release Pre-orders Close September 1st for delivery in late September

The 2.1.2 Hockey Tracker provides you with everything you need to track hockey however you prefer. Be it the big leagues or your local peewee team the note pad provides you with a flexible space to track shots, zone entries, turnovers or whatever your heart desires.

Capacity - 41 games (consisting of 3 rink pages and a summary page per game as well as 15 addition rinks for overtime situations)

Size - Designed in A5 format for portability, making it easy to slip into your bag and bring it with you to the rink.

Production Notes - Embossed Cover, O-Ring Wire Binding

“The trackers are gorgeous, professionally prepared and a dream to use. Having everything in one place for easy reference throughout a season is a huge asset. I will definitely order more” - Alison Lukan (The Athletic)

“The tracker is well constructed & looks like it will hold up to the rigours of a full season” - Michael F. Lopez (Formerly TheIceGarden)

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